News: Scam Alert

News: Scam Alert

Date Added: 12/05/2023 @ 9:53am

We have become aware that a scammer has been impersonating us, having set up an email address that, at first glace at least, may look convincing.

We don't wish to panic anyone, however since we are one of Devon's best tourist attractions on the beautiful Grand Western Canal we would like to warn all our friends and customers about modern 'SCAMS' which are happening today! Please share this information to others.

The scammer will try to get you to pay them, rather than the genuine company or person that you are trying to pay!

Scammers will use slightly different 'email addresses' (e.g., company 'addresses' and even use different 'phone numbers' to try and get your money.

Tiverton Canal Co’s Promise to You:

  • We WILL NOT change our email address (not even slightly - we DO NOT use Gmail).
    Our email address is
  • We WILL NOT change our Business address (not even slightly)
    Our address is: Tiverton Canal Co, The Wharf, Canal Hill, Tiverton, Devon, EX164HX.
  • We WILL NOT change our Telephone number (not even slightly)
    Our phone number is: 01884 253345
  • We NEVER send out 'Email Requests For Payments' of any kind!
  • We will NEVER badger you for payment!
  • We will NEVER send you a final demand!
  • We are a small family business so have NO ACCOUNTS department!

If you are 'ever' concerned that you may have received a SCAM communication from us, because it doesn’t feel or look right, firstly please DON'T CLICK any links on an email and DO NOT PAY any money!

If the an email does not come from our email address you should report it as spam or phishing. (For gmail, you can forward it to

Just call us direct on 01884 253345 and speak to Jacquie Brind.

Best Wishes from us all at the Tiverton Canal Co.

Phil, Jacq, Lauren & The Horses

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