Canal Safety

Canal Safety

We take your safety very seriously. Here is some information about using the Grand Western Canal and general information about Water Safety...

You will be sharing this towpath with a 'Very Large Working Heavy Horse' that pulls a passenger barge along this stretch of canal up to 3 times a day from 1st April to 31st October.


  • Always Give Way to the Horse - Stand aside (on the hedge side towards the towpath) allow to pass.
  • Cyclists Must Dismount - Under all bridges in this Zone and whenever passing the Horse.
  • Never Cause the Horse to Stop - This may cause danger for the barge.
  • Be Vigilant - Keep watch for the Heavy Horse before you walk under any bridge in this Zone. In the very unlikely event that you meet a horse out of control or running, Stand well back for your safety.

Further Safety Details for All Canal users, regarding the Horse-Drawn Barge will appear here on our website.

ALSO:  Everyone must follow Devon County Council's - Grand Western Canal Code of Conduct


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