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Timetable & Fares for 2018

Click here to download (timetable only) in a PDF Printable/Larger Version.

Click here to download Tiverton Canal Co Full Leaflet (& timetable) in a PDF.

2016 Tiverton Canal Timetable and Prices (click the link above to download as a PDF

How to Use This Timetable and Fares ?        

  1. Choose a day in our season you would like to come on your Trip.
  2. The day you choose will be a specific Colour on our Calendar.
  3. Matched the Colour you land on with the Trip Timetable (Morning & Afternoon) This box will tell you what is planned for that day.
  4. Match the length of Trip with the Fares box to find out the price of your trip.

Like all Timetables, they can at times be hard to read or understand... Please feel free to call Becky or Beany at our booking office on 01884 253345 for support or further information. Thank you.

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