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2 x Canal Maps

The Grand Western/Tiverton Canal has so much to offer; walkers, cyclists, historians, wildlife and boat lovers. . . .

We have 2 x Maps, 1st map shows the Tiverton Wharf/Basin in Tiverton, home to the Horse-Drawn Barge Attraction.
The 2nd shows the canal from it's start at Tiverton, to it's finish at Lowdwells Lock. We hope that you'll be able to use the maps to plan your walks, trips and visits and spot areas of interest along the Grand Western Canal. 

Map 1. . . . Click on this MAP to view large image.

Map of The Tiverton Wharf / Basin, and Canal Attraction.

Map 2. . . .Click on this MAP to vew large image.

Map of the 11miles of Grand Western Canal, Tiverton to Lowdwells Lock.


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