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Meet Our Dogs

Our dogs have always joined us on the barge trips, walking up and travelling back on the barge and sometimes, if you're lucky, you will see them riding the horse!  


"I love people and I love to play stick!                       I was born in December 2006 and enjoy my days on the canal and meeting you all. I also go out with my master Phil Brind when he does his Talks about the Canal. . .  This picture of me was taken when I was asking my friend Lousie to play stick! When you see me, just flick a stick and I'll play with you all day."


Milly is our youngest dog, born in November 2013. She is an unusual tan and white Collie.

She loves chewing things and racing around the stable yard. Her owner Dave our Head Horseman is teaching her how to ride the horses like Roxy and Mollie as well as some other basic commands so she’ll soon be able to accompany the horse-drawn barge on trips.

Milly loves playing with Mollie and Roxy though she’s yet to beat Roxy at a game of catch stick yet!


"I treat people a little like sheep and love rounding up! I cannot help it and am always being told to stop barking.

I was born in 2004 and now spend my time running up and down the canal bank barking - hello!"




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